Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso

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Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso

Finish: Espresso. Features: Electric Fireplace. Compact electric firebox. Patented, life-like flame effect with pulsating lava bed. Flame operates with or without heat. 3 / hour with flame only. 8 / hour with flame and heat. No carbon monoxide or emissions, glass stays cool-to-touch. Voltage: 120. BTUs: 5.120. Includes on / off remote control. Specifications: Wattage: 1.550 Watts. Dimensions: 36.69'' H x 34'' W x 10.81'' D. Warranty: One year firebox's limited manufacturer warranty.

Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace.dimplex fireplaces on sale, dimplex fireplace reviews

Price : $449 USD
Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso

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Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso

Dimplex Bravado II Electric Fireplace - Espresso Reviews

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We've had this heater for seeavrl months and use it every night. It's used to supplement heat in a 15 x18 bedroom and heats that space up very quickly. I think the flame' looks quite realistic just understand that it's not a real flame but they did a pretty good job representing a flame. The heat is blown from the bottom of the unit out to the front. The noise level is low, but the fan does stay on throughout the night whether the heat is on or off. But, we have two other Lasko ceramic room heaters and they are definitely louder than this. The thermostat function works very well. Please note, though, that the thermostat is not set by degrees. The first time you turn on the heater, you turn up the thermostat knob to the highest mark then when the room reaches the temperature you want, you turn the knob back until the heating turns off that becomes your room heat point for the unit. It does work fine once you set it up. The remote turns the unit on and off only no heat adjustment, but we haven't had a need to adjust the heat once we set the thermostat and I like the on/off remote. The unit seems to be constructed well I've seen different brands like this made of mostly plastic but that's not the case with this one. It's pretty compact as well so it fits nicely in most spaces. I wouldn't expect it to heat a large area (I haven't tried though), but I don't think it's made for that. Overall we're very pleased with it so far and hope that it lasts a long time. http://yadpkc.com [url=http://pwomvjrg.com]pwomvjrg[/url] [link=http://mmnwmrbco.com]mmnwmrbco[/link] by Janssiska posted on Sunday, October 25, 2015

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