Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven On Sale Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven On Sale

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Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven On Sale

he Lodge portable "camp stove" is the pot that does it all. The flanged lid holds hot coals and inverts for use as a griddle. The integral legs allow the oven to sit perfectly over hot coals. Includes Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101 book.

From colonial hearth fires to the campfires of Lewis and Clark, cast iron camp ovens fed the colonists, helped tame the wilderness, and did their share in settling the American West. Cast iron cookware has long been treasures as sought after heirlooms, so much so that, when Lewis and Clark returned from their journey west, their trusted cast iron pots were among the few items making it back to civilization.

Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven On Sale, cast iron dutch oven reviews, cast iron

Price : $71 USD
Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven On Sale

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Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Oven

Lodge Logic 8-Quart Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Oven Reviews

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