Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan

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Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan

The Industrial Grade Multi Mount Fans can be mounted on walls, ceilings, I-beams and more, making these fans perfect for loading docks, restaurants, plants, health clubs and industrial areas where floor/table space is limited. The 9312 is a 12-Inch multi mount fan that features a pivoting head. The motor is 3-speed, 1/25 HP, 120V, 1 phase, sleeve bearing, permanently with a permanent split capacitor. CFM is 1360, 1170, 1010 (High, Medium, Low). RPM is 1545, 1205, 900 (High, Medium, Low). Amps 0.8, 0.6, 0-1/2 (High, Medium, Low). Watts 85, 76, 64 (High, Medium, Low) Rear mounted pull cord switch. A black, 9-foot, 3-conductor SJT type power cord. Blade, guard and mounts are powder coated steel. ETL and OSHA compliant. Tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230.99.

Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan, wall mount fan reviews, circulating fan on sale

Price : $68 USD
Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan

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Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan

Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan Reviews

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